Body Swelling Remedies: Swelling in hands and feet is a common problem. It can happen to anyone. Persistent swelling of hands, feet and face is not good. These can be symptoms of some disease. Symptoms of swallowing differ from person to person. Some people experience swelling on their face, while others notice swelling in their hands and feet. Sometimes wounds on the limbs can also cause swelling. Swelling in the body can be due to many reasons. You can take the help of some home remedies to reduce this problem. Let us know about these easy remedies.

To reduce inflammation in the body, eat 3-4 leaves of basil daily. This will reduce swelling. Apart from this, you can also consume Tulsi tea.

To reduce swelling, add a pinch of salt to warm water. If your whole body is swollen, then take a bath with salt in the water.


Flax seeds are very effective in reducing inflammation. You can use it in many ways. For example, linseed water, roasted linseed and tea will be very useful.

Heat mustard oil to reduce swelling. Massaging the body with this oil will be beneficial.

If you have a lot of swelling in your hands and feet, then drink coriander water.


Use coconut oil in food to reduce inflammation. Also massage the body with this oil