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Wednesday, 5 October 2022

AMC's Food Division Faces Festive Season, Seals 3 Famous Food Units, See Which

AMC's Food Division Faces Festive Season, Seals 3 Famous Food Units, See Which

Food department of AMC sealed Gajanand Paunwa, Chetak Chawana, Hotel Dev Palace

Dussehra festival was celebrated with pomp in Ahmedabad. Taste lovers thronged the market especially to buy Fafda Jalebi. Long queues were seen in farsan shops since early morning. Fafda jalebi has the highest sales on Dussehra day. In Ahmedabad, the price of Fafda per kg was 650 to 900 rupees and the price of pure ghee jalebi was 750 to 1050 per kg.

3 food units sealed in Ahmedabad

On the other hand, the food department of AMC has been activated keeping in mind the festive season. 3 units of food have been sealed under strict action. Gajanand Pauwa, Chetak Chawana and Hotel Dev Palace have been sealed. Lack of hygiene was observed in Gajanand Pouva. When moths were found in the cheese of Hotel Dev Palace, it was sealed. In addition, samples were taken from 27 Fafda jalebi shops. There are plans to take action on the shops that report.

Where are you not eating poison?

Now the festive season has started. Everyone feels festivals are incomplete without sweets and farsan. However, the taste lovers stand in queues at the sweet shops even before the festival. The Health and Food Department of the Ahmedabad Metropolitan Municipality is well awake. Food department is taking samples from food and beverage units. Today, samples have been taken from 27 Fafda jalebi shops in Ahmedabad. There has been a flurry among sweet makers as vendors are being checked by the food department. In many shops, the officials of the food department conducted chemical tests and found that starch is used in excess in sweetmeats. 

The late report does not make any sense, thus the food safety department of the Thane Metropolitan Municipality has been alerted. Samples are taken from farsan and sweet shops. But the biggest question is that the primary report is available in the lab immediately but the technical report is available only after 12 days. Thus, before the report comes, these farsans and sweetmeats have reached people's stomachs. And the damage to the public health is done.. so this kind of sample checking is not of any benefit to the citizens.

It is necessary to get the report on the spot , thus, the festival comes and the system wakes up. Municipalities like Ahmedabad and Rajkot are checking food and beverage units. But before his report comes, the fake sweetmeat and Farsan are cured. So in this age of technology, people are expecting that the report will be meaningful only if there is a system to get the report before the unhealthy food material enters the stomach of the people. 

What should people be aware of ?

One should always buy farsan from a well-known merchant during festivals. Also one should stay away from schemes or greedy temptations. The temptation to buy cheap farsan can prove to be hazardous to health. It should be insisted to buy only from where fresh farsan is available. 

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