Diabetes is a life-long disease, which occurs due to increased level of sugar in the blood. It is also included in the 10 leading causes of death worldwide. Ulcers in the feet of diabetic patients are a serious problem and about 25 percent of the patients have to face it. By the time the ulcer is detected, the infection has spread in 50 percent of patients. Treatment of DFU is a complex process, involving several approaches. Scientists at Queens University Belfast (UK) have found a way to treat diabetes-induced foot ulcers (DFU) that is effective as well as cheap.

This is how it will be treated

This bandage treatment is known as a scaffold. The scaffolds produced by the 3D Bioprinter slowly excrete antibiotics for four weeks, making ulcer treatment more effective. The study is published in the journal Drug Delivery and Translational Research.

Infection does not progress further

According to study author Dimitrios Lampro, Professor of Biofabrication and Advanced Manufacturing at the Queen's School of Pharmacy, "These scaffolds are like windows, allowing doctors to continuously monitor treatment. They do not require frequent removal. Due to which the infection does not have a chance to progress and does not interfere with treatment.

Clinical trial of the fourth phase of new pneumonia vaccine will start soon in Kolkata

The clinical trial of the fourth phase of the new pneumonia vaccine will start soon in Kolkata. Trial will be done on it at the Metropolitan School of Tropical Medicine. Under this, the vaccine will be used on volunteers in the age group of 18 to 49 years. It will be tested on 200 people in five hospitals across the country. The name of this vaccine is "Privnar-13". Its single dose is 0.5 ml. Those who will be vaccinated will have an e-diary to monitor their health. After taking the vaccine, there is no side reaction on him, whether he is not getting high fever within seven days, all these will be closely monitored.