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Wednesday, 28 September 2022

Scientists of this country shocked the world by making a fake moon! There will never be darkness again

Scientists of this country shocked the world by making a fake moon! There will never be darkness again

Chinese scientists have also told one of its features that even during a severe natural disaster, there will never be a blackout in that area. This fake moon will continue to shine even in the event of floods, earthquakes.

China has created an artificial moon similar to the real moon. Which also gives light like real moon. Now this moon will save the electricity bill and this country will save 17.3 million dollars every year. Let's know how this moon is prepared. 

This moon has zero gravity 

China has prepared this artificial moon. China is continuously making great achievements in the field of science and technology. China says that the illumination from the artificial moon in an area of ​​50 square kilometers will significantly reduce electricity costs. This moon has zero gravity. According to media reports, Chinese scientists tested the magnetic strength on this fake moon . There are many purposes behind making it.

A moon-like surface is also being prepared 

Geotechnical engineers at the China University of Mining and Technology say that by the end of 2022 they will create a vacuum chamber with an extremely powerful magnetic force. The diameter of this vacuum chamber will be 2 feet. This zero gravity chamber will be full of rocks and dust as it is on the surface of the Moon. This will be the first time such a lunar surface has been created on Earth.

Because of this, China has made a small successful experiment with the fake moon . Now it will be used for a long time. After this the experiment will be sent to the moon. China has started this experiment to find new ways to build a human colony on the moon. 

He says that the moon has 6 times less gravity than the earth. That's why people can't walk on the surface. In that case, habitation is not possible there. It has been said that by the year 2029, China is working on a plan to build a human research center on the South Pole of the Moon. 

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