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Saturday, 24 September 2022

Pinky Ben salutes your service: Polio vaccine given to children after walking 5 km in a village in Kutch

Pinky Ben salutes your service: Polio vaccine given to children after walking 5 km in a village in Kutch

Beloved children and community health officer pinkieben is working day and night without any complaints, living alone far away from home, read this amazing story...

Pinkiben Patel, Community Health Officer of Hajipur Sub Health Center belonging to Khawda Community Health Center of Bhuj Taluk, has decided that not a single child should be deprived of polio vaccine in the villages of his area of ​​work.

After walking more than 4 to 5 kilometers, the children are given polio vaccine

Children between zero and five years of age are given polio vaccine vials under the Polio Free India campaign in the country. As part of which Pitara Mota and Pitara Nana, Luna Mota and Luna Nana, Burkhal, Garwant village from four to five kms from the impassable marshy and highly waterlogged inaccessible areas adjacent to the Dhordo desert near the India-Pakistan border of Pinkibene Bhuj taluk. He walked further and administered polio drops to the children.

About 70 bugs were found and drank two drops

According to information received from Pinkiben, these villages are mostly inhabited by families from the Jat, Sumra and Sheikh communities of the Banni area. These families avoid vaccination or health services due to some of their beliefs, customs or other reasons. At that time Pinkieben Local Pvt. With the cooperation of the school teacher and sarpanch, they explained to all the parents and found out about 70 children between zero and five years of age and successfully protected them from polio by drinking two drops of polio.

Salute to the inspiring Fajanishta

Pinkiben originally hails from Sardhav in Gandhinagar district. Her husband is doing duty as a fireman in Ahmedabad. They cannot keep their children together due to the adverse environment here. Still here alone, far away from her beloved child and home, she is obliged to deliver health services to the people with sensitivity and service at Hajipur Arogya Kendra, in which she is constantly encouraged by her husband Yogeshbhai Patel and her friend Jayantibhai Shekhani. Community Health Officer Pinkiben Kadia, Arogyadoot, salutes the inspiring initiative .

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