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Wednesday, 28 September 2022

Mr Beast New Challenges: A man alone in a 'circle' for 100 days and won Rs 4 crore

Mr Beast New Challenges: A man alone in a 'circle' for 100 days and won Rs 4 crore

Viral Video: This challenge of Rs 4 crore was prepared by the world's famous YouTuber Mr. Beast. He made a circle in his channel and built a house in it, which was cut off from the rest of the world. Necessary facilities were given in it and the claimant had to stay alone for 100 days inside it.

Mr Beast New Challenges: A man alone in a 'circle' for 100 days and won Rs 4 crore

Mr Beast New Challenges on Youtube: If you are active on YouTube then you must have known the famous YouTuber Mr Beast. Mr Beast is counted among the highest earners on YouTube. From time to time, his videos and challenges remain in the discussion. Once again a challenge of Mr. Beast is very much discussed, but this time someone else's luck has changed with this challenge. Actually, Mr. Beast has given around Rs 4 crore as a reward to a person who completes his challenge.

what is the matter

Mr Beast has 105 million subscribers on YouTube. Not only does he make his own unique videos on his channel, he also brings some challenges in between. He gives a hefty reward to those who win the challenge. In view of this, recently he brought another new challenge. In this challenge, he made a circle on a secluded place. A temporary house was also built inside the circle. Food items, clothes and other items necessary for everyday were also given inside the house. Mr Beast challenged that the person who would stay alone for 100 days in this circle would be given Rs 4 crore in reward.

Subscribers accepted the challenge

Mr. Beast's challenge was accepted by one of his subscribers named Sean. After leaving the family, Sean entered that circle and his task began. Cameras were installed at different points inside that circle to record Sean's activity. Sean had to spend 100 days living in the same circle. From preparing the food to cleaning the bathroom, everything had to be done by myself and staying within the same circle. Some challenges were also added to the task in between, but Shawn did not give up and completed the challenge.

Along with giving the reward, the video was also uploaded

After Sean completed the challenge, Mr. Beast gave him the prize money. Made his video and also posted the video of his task on his page. Sean is getting a lot of praise in the video. Some are telling him that he is entitled to more than Rs 4 crore, then someone is saying legend. This video has been viewed about 2 crore 70 lakh times so far.

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