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Sunday, 25 September 2022

Mataji's Kodiu in Navratri is also 'Chinese', a death blow to the handicrafts of Prajapati families

Mataji's Kodiu in Navratri is also 'Chinese', a death blow to the handicrafts of Prajapati families

In Navratri and Diwali, clay kodiya is different but Chinese kodiya has affected the business of Prajapati families.

Even in today's modern era, the place of earthenware is prominent, when the festival of Navratri and Diwali came, people of Prajapati society come to give omens of various kinds of rice prepared from house to house and garba of Mataji on Navratri. But in the last few years, the arrival of attractive Chinese Kodias has dealt a fatal blow to the basic handicraft of our artisans.

The hard work of the Prajapati family has also increased.. but

still the artisans of the Prajapati community of Lunawada village of the district have preserved the pottery till today. Before the arrival of Navratri, Mataji's Garba and Koldhia are started to be made. Now with the change of time, Garba with unique design has increased in circulation and along with it the labor has also increased. With the passage of time colorful and beautiful embellished and colorful garba has increased in popularity. Against this, the hard work of the Prajapati family has also increased and the price is not even getting according to that hard work. 

The fifth generation also maintained the business

Nowadays, Chinese products like electric lights, Sirizo, electric lamps etc. are selling well in the market. But preserving the culture, the Maganbhai Prajapati family of Lunawada, even in the fifth generation, has maintained their hereditary business of pottery art. At that time, the work of making eco-friendly Garba Kodias and small boys carrying around in the evening during Navratri has started. A large number of devotees are seen in the market.

The important place of mudi garba

seems to have been modernized in today's modern era. Even today in Lunawada town , the tradition and culture of buying Mataji's garba and lighting a lamp during Navratri is intact. In place of copper and brass garba found in the market, even today clay garba has a prominent place in Virpur taluka.

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