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Thursday, 22 September 2022

lose weight in just 20 days! Follow this diet chart, know what to eat from morning to evening

lose weight in just 20 days! Follow this diet chart, know what to eat from morning to evening

If gaining weight is bothering you and you want to lose it, then we have brought you a diet chart, following which you will start losing weight in just 20 days.

Losing weight is not an easy task. To lose weight you have to exercise daily and along with it you have to change your diet. If you are overweight and want to lose it. So we have come up with a very effective diet plan for you. By following it you will lose weight in just 20 days.

Eat these things

In breakfast Drink cucumber-lemon water every morning. By drinking this, the blood circulation is good and along with it, problems like gas, bloating etc. are also avoided. Put cucumber in a glass and then add lemon juice to it. Leave it in the glass for some time and then consume it. 

For breakfast you can have it with mung bean dal and milky cheela sambar. After some time drink green tea. Drink spicy tea till 11 am, it will help a lot in weight loss. 

Eat these things 

For lunch You should eat low calorie foods for lunch. For this you can eat a bowl of vegetables with oat roti. Also include curd and salad in your lunch. Drink coconut water around 4 pm after meals. It helps in burning calories.

Things to Eat for 

Dinner You can drink vegetable soup for dinner. Along with this you can also eat black beans, rajma, navy beans. Beans are considered very beneficial for weight loss. These foods are rich in fiber and protein.

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