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Friday, 23 September 2022

I am a Gujarati / this is true love! This Ahmedabadi, who works for NASA-ISRO, explains science with scraps

I am a Gujarati / this is true love! This Ahmedabadi, who works for NASA-ISRO, explains science with scraps

Dhananjaybhai Rawal, who lives in Ahmedabad, has created a center called Ankur hobby center where difficult science concepts are explained very easily. Hearing the struggle of his life will bring tears to his eyes.

What is passion? 

An obsession. A raging fire. For which a person is ready to give up all his hobbies, hunger, thirst and dependence!

A fire in which a person burns a hundred touches of gold. 

Serving science for the last 38 years 

Science says that there are more bright stars in the universe than the Sun. But many stars continue to do their work without coming into the limelight. Constantly shining and spreading its light. Dhananjaybhai living in Ahmedabad is also one such brilliant science lover. Who has been serving science continuously for the last 38 years.

A unique hobby center where science is interesting not boring

He started a science hobby center where science is explained through experiments, in simple language, and at very little cost. Where Newton's shock-reaction law is explained at a cost of just 10 rupees. Where magnetic field and gravity are explained with only Rs 50 equipment. And where only 100 rupees cost, the whole universe can be seen. 

Ankur Hobby Center is a shining dream brought to life by Dhananjaybhai. A wonderful result from the process of his tireless hard work. Studying science here is not boring but interesting.

Dhananjaybhai himself is an electrical engineer by training

Today, Indian engineers are popular all over the world. Be it Microsoft's Sundar Pichai or Twitter's new CEO Parag Agarwal. But there are some engineers who have served science in such a way that even the honor of the Nobel Prize is less for them! 

Dhananjaybhai is also an electrical engineer by training and his job is to bring the light of science into the lives of students. 

Loved science despite giving up everything 

Being an engineer is itself a status symbol in our society. Being a doctor or an engineer is considered a safe and prosperous profession. But Dhananjaybhai left this safe path and chose a path that would make anyone say, this man is a real madman! 

The dedication and hard work that Dhananjaybhai has put in after establishing Ankur Hobby Center is unprecedented. 

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