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Wednesday, 28 September 2022

1st Sports Conclave of National Games in Ahmedabad, CM Bhupendra Patel along with athletes present

1st Sports Conclave of National Games in Ahmedabad, CM Bhupendra Patel along with athletes present

1st Sports Conclave of National Games in gujarat

First Sports Conclave of National Games held in Ahmedabad, CM Bhupendra Patel and Minister of State for Home Harsh Sanghvi present at Sanskar Dham

The first Sports Conclave was held in the state for 36 National Games . A sports conclave was organized at Sanskardham at Godhavi, Ahmedabad. Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel and Group Minister Harsh Sanghvi were present in this program. Along with this, athletes including Monal Choksi, PV Sindhu, VVS Laxman and Neeraj Chopra and Director General of Sports Authority of India Sadeep Pradhan were also present. Also, interesting discussions were also held between the sports entrepreneurs in addition to Additional Secretary of the Union Education Department Santosh Kumar Yadav. It is worth mentioning that in the National Games 2022, a total of 45 athletes from different states of Sanskardham Sports Academy are going to participate in 7 different competitions. In which three competitions namely Khokho, Mallakham and Archery are being organized at Sanskardham complex. There is an atmosphere of excitement about it.

All the preparations for the National Games in Gujarat in 100 days

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the National Games in the country's biggest stadium on Thursday. And every player from all over the country will be welcomed. 100 days ago from today, the Chief Minister wrote a letter to the Indian Olympic Association for Gujarat to become the host state. And accepted a challenge and completed the challenge in 100 days. It was organized in many places in the country, but in Gujarat it has been organized quickly and has again set an example. 

Arrangements to make every athlete in Gujarat play well and make 10 days memorable: CM Bhupendra Patel

Addressing the program, CM Bhupendra Patel said that PM Modi started this journey from 2002 till 2022 because of the development work done. Earlier people of Gujarat used to call the athletes by the name of Khaman Dhokla Nathmia when they went to other state or country, but now it has changed and now a different identity is emerging. Gujarat is proud of getting medals in National, International and Olympics in 2022. Gujarat has given special attention to accommodation and other matters for athletes in 6 states in the National Games. Hospitality and arrangements have been made to ensure that every sportsperson in Gujarat plays well and has a memorable 10 days. As Gujarat is leading in Khawa and Dandiya, it has also been planned that during Navratri, athletes will play sports during the day and all Garba can be played in the evening. 

National Games will bring people closer together: CM Bhupendra Patel National Games

in Gujarat to be held in Rajkot, Bhavnagar, Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Vadodara and Surat National GamesEarlier, the government had more than 50 lakh students of government and private schools and their families in every village participate in games including lemon spoon, musical chairs, etc. Regarding that, wonderful pictures came out from many places which are something different. A history has been created where people have participated with their families. Along with this, Urban Games were also organized to connect the urban area. Along with this, we have tried to plan how the players in the National Games can take the game to the village. I am thankful to the Prime Minister of the country that today Gujarat is creating not only food and drink but also other identities. This effort made by him made the organization of this game possible. Today the citizens of Gujarat have prepared for a welcome that has not been prepared for. This will be a great platform to unite the country.

What did Sports and Home Minister Harsh Sanghvi say?

A player who plays can only play if he is not in danger of losing. We follow as our Prime Minister has always taught us to turn adversity into opportunity. The player who plays last in the game is called the player. I don't do sports but when I go swimming I know how difficult it is when my legs get stiff without moving even a foot. Our Prime Minister started Khel Mahakubh in Gujarat. He has tried to bring Gujarat forward in every field. Education. Every field of health has tried and now it has been tried in the sports field. Our country is ahead in the work done by Narendra Modi. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has started a cleanliness campaign. People who used to get dirty now have moved towards cleanliness. Today our country is changing, this is a big change. Due to Narendra Modi's determination, we organized the National Games in less time than his efforts.

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