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Friday, 29 July 2022

Sleeping Position: Do you also suffer from back and neck pain? So sleeping in this position will provide relief

Sleeping Position: Do you also suffer from back and neck pain? So sleeping in this position will provide relief

Sleeping Position: Many times we see and hear that people cannot get enough sleep for some reason. Apart from this, apart from their eating habits and less physical activity, there can be another reason and that is the sleeping position. According to a report in Dainik Bhaskar newspaper, 57% people sleep on their side. 17% of people sleep on their backs. 11% of people are stomach sleepers and 15% are people whose sleep position changes constantly. That is, sleeping in dissimilar ways can also be a reason.

Apart from this, there are some reasons due to which people get less sleep. For example, back or neck pain, snoring or SDT problems in the stomach. Such common problems can be removed by scientific methods (Right way to Sleep). So let's know about these remedies.

What to do with snoring?

If you snore while sleeping, sleep on your side or stomach and keep your head elevated a few inches. Sleeping in this position prevents the tongue and tissues (cells) from sticking to the throat. Sticking the tongue in the throat stops breathing, causing snoring.

Neck pain

The whole night has to be spent in restlessness due to neck pain. Avoid sleeping on your stomach in such a situation. If possible, do not place more than one pillow under the neck. Note that the height of the pillow should be above the shoulders. Sometimes keeping a rolled towel also gives relief from neck pain.

Back pain

Lie on your back to relieve back pain. Place a pillow under the knees. It maintains the natural curve of the spine. Reduces stress in the body. For more comfort in such a position, a towel can also be rolled below the waist.

This remedy for acidity

Use a high pillow under the head while sleeping in this position. If this is a problem, sleep on your side with your head elevated with some support under the bed.

For shoulder pain

If you have shoulder pain throughout the night, then sleep on your back. If you sleep on your side, place a pillow at chest height to prop up the aching shoulder.

For cramps in legs

If leg cramps keep you up at night, massage the area before going to bed. Pull gently. However, if it hurts, you can use a heating pad. It will benefit.

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