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Saturday, 23 July 2022

Chief Electoral Officer Gujarat Announces Brief Voter Peform Program 2022

India’s Election Commission, New Delhi’s27/06/2022 letter figures 23/ 202109 – ERS from the terms of the eligibility of the eligibility of the eligibility of the eligibility, the special brief enhancement program  has been declared Saturday, the volume of 12/08/22 and 2022 and the spying of voting, a special detail reform program of voting in the 11/09/2022, has given detailed instructions about 2022. 

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ખુશખબર! જો તમારું પણ પોસ્ટ ઓફિસમાં ખાતું છે, તો તમને મળશે પૂરા 20 લાખ! જાણો કેવી રીતે લાભ મળશે?

According to the revised program approved by the Election Commission – the period of accepting claims and expostulation requests is fixed from12/08/2022 to.11/09/2022, and the drafting of integrated choosers In the state of 174 in the state of Vigilica( except 8 assembly votes under thesub-elections), a special brief enhancement program of the namer’s list starting on the base of12/08/2022, is at the program.11/09/2022( The days of this special crusade will have to perform the following work. 

The designated officer will have to organize special arrangements to accept the claim and expostulation requests by 1000 hours in the morning by 1000 hours in the evening to 05:00 hours. 
Displaying the applicable banner in the program related to each position. To accept forms by the
Daisigned Officer on a special campaign, checking the details of choosers from the draft, checking the drafting of the blaly, if there's an error, and reported through the administrator in the evening administrator at the end of each special crusade. 

This day, taking nonstop interviews of every position under the administrator, will be supervised and guidelines and presenting the ERO/ AERO of each part of the evening. 1. 2. 3. Phone No. MCC 23257086, Sveeep – 23255746 CompP. Cell – 23257494, FAX 23257090 TRAINING – 2325745 Spending – 23255742 Assign– 23257420 5. District Election Officer, the namer enrollment officer and adjunct namer enrollment officer will have to visit the arbitrary( arbitrary) visited locales. 

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The details of the forms attained on special juggernauts will be transferred then. In accession, the amplify guidance command given by New Delhi to The India’s Election Project for the organizing general/sub-elections during Covid-19, and the guidance instructions issued by the Government of the India/ State Government to stop the transition of CoVed 19 thus, the detailed instructions in the information about the days of the special crusade, are requested to give all the backing officers demanded in all the distinctive constituencies, including all the other distinct constituencies, including the adjunct officers, including the adjunct officers, including all the other distinct.

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