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Monday, 21 March 2022

Compensation for death from Supreme Court / Corona: Modi government will not release those who have given Rs 50,000 for giving wrong certificate, this will happen to these people

Compensation for death from Supreme Court / Corona:

 Modi government will not release those who have given Rs 50,000 for giving wrong certificate, this will happen to these people

False claims of compensation for death from corona

The Supreme Court is concerned about this matter

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This will happen to those who have made false claims

The Supreme Court has indicated that it will investigate those who made false claims to get compensation for Corona's death. The central government had demanded an audit or any other inquiry into the matter.

False claims will be reviewed

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The Supreme Court last year ordered compensation of Rs 50,000 to families who died from corona across the country. The court said compensation would have to be paid by the State Disaster Management Authority. At the last hearing, the central government had expressed apprehension in court that a large number of fake scams had come up for compensation. People applied for compensation from Corona by presenting false death certificates and they have also been paid. The Center also asked the Supreme Court to fix a time limit for future petitions in addition to its inquiry.

NDMA reviews false claims of compensation

A bench headed by Justice MR Shah expressed concern over the matter during the hearing and said, "When we ordered compensation, we did not realize that such false claims would come." The court indicated last week that it would investigate the matter. Judgment is reserved in court today. Orders are expected to arrive on Wednesday, March 23.

During the hearing, senior advocate R Basant asked the legal services authority to conduct the investigation instead of handing it over to the local police. Solicitor General Tushar Mehta further said that under the National Disaster Management Act, the National Disaster Management Authority has the right to review its own false claims for compensation, the court noted.

The four states saw the widest gap

The court indicated that it would order a review of 5 per cent claims in four states - Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Kerala. Will help to understand this matter. These states have seen the largest difference between the number of compensation claims and the number of coronary deaths. The court also said it would now set a 60-day compensation claim in the case of Corona's death. In case of future death, the claim for compensation must also be kept at 90 day intervals.

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