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Tuesday, 13 July 2021

If you look at the daily statistics in the case of Koro in India, there is no particular relief.

"Possible third wave"

"By 2022 people will necessarily wear masks"

આ પણ જુઓ :  

The third wave is quite likely to come: earnings
News of relief from the corona virus is coming across almost every state in the country, including Gujarat, except Maharashtra and Kerala. Corona virus cases have come down in Gujarat but the government and scientists are alerting about the third wave as people are becoming careless again. While PM Modi is also annoyed with the negligence of the people, the expert doctor of Rajkot IMA has made a big statement regarding the third wave.

The third wave will come as the waves come in the sea: Kamani

Rajkot IMA President Dr. Praful Kamani said that the wave of Corona virus comes like the waves of the sea. If the international flight is started, the third wave is likely to arrive in September-October. He said that if the third wave comes, children will be most infected. Mortality will not be high but the transition will spread very quickly. If only one child is infected, the whole society will be infected. Earnings further said that the virus will be everywhere, no one should remove the mask until 2022. False gatherings in particular should not be done. And every parent needs to take care of the child.

It is noteworthy that in many countries of the world, cases of corona virus are on the rise again. A fourth wave of corona virus has hit India's enemy country Pakistan and the government is on high alert ahead of the third wave of corona virus. However, concessions have also been extended by the government

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