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Monday, 28 June 2021

Funeral from the river shoulder water

A working woman living on the sidewalk was crushed in a car race of rich youths in 4 hospitals including 3 children.

Women working in car races of wealthy youths walk on sidewalks, walk in hospitals including children.

A woman was killed on the spot when her car overturned on the sidewalk near Shivaranj Char Rasta in Ahmedabad late last night, while four others were rushed to hospital with serious injuries. Four other people, including the driver who caused the accident, fled the scene. A police convoy, including senior officers, rushed to the spot on learning of the incident. The I20 car belongs to a man named Shailesh Shah of Mithakhili and there are 9 e-memos left in the car.

People injured in the accident * Babubhai * Jetan (child) * Surekha (child) * Vikram (child)
According to information received, people were sleeping on the sidewalk near Bimnagar near Shivranj Char Rasta in Ahmedabad late on Monday night. Those who were trying to escape the rain had no idea what would happen to them in a few minutes. The I20 car was back on these people late at night. Innocent people are currently torn between life and death. A woman named Santoben, who was preparing meals for others, was hit by a car and died, while four others were rushed to hospital with serious injuries.

A police convoy rushed to the spot. According to sources, four people were sitting in the car at the time, while another car was also passing by. It turned out that there was no running between the two cars. At that moment, a car turned back onto the sidewalk, and the people sleeping there were still tingling. A police convoy, including high-ranking officials, reached the spot late at night. Police are trying to find out who the culprit is.

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