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Monday, 28 June 2021

Terrorists have once again tried to target military territory by drones.

Terrorists have once again tried to target military territory by drones. The terrorists tried to attack the Army station on the second day of the drone attack on the Jammu airport station. According to sources, the drone was spotted at the Kaluchak military station in Jammu at around 3 am, though the army was alert and fired 20-25 rounds as soon as the drone appeared. Was found. 

Seeing this, the jawans fired 20 to 25 rounds. The drone disappeared after the firing. The army is currently conducting a search operation to investigate the drone. Two blasts rocked the Jammu Air Force station late Sunday night. The first blast occurred at 1.37 pm and the second 5 minutes later at 1.42 pm. 

According to the Air Force, the capacity of both blasts was very low, so the first blast hit one roof, damaging the roof, while the second blast occurred in the open. Two soldiers sustained minor injuries in the blast. This is the first time terrorists have attacked by drone. The incident is now being investigated by the NIA. The risk of a drone attack should not be higher than training to attack by sub-drone. 

The risk of a drone attack is also lower than a ground attack. Drones can fly at very high altitudes, making them less likely to be caught by radar. In such circumstances it is not viewed with suspicion. The terrorist organization may again use this tactic

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