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Thursday, 3 June 2021

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SDG Ranking: Kerala has done amazing, find out which are the top 5 states and what is the position of Gujarat.

While big claims of development are being made by the governments of all the states of the country, various Chief Ministers are applauding their governments, while the Modi government's own think tank has released a report on the rank and development of these states. From these statistics and rankings, it is easy to know the difference between claiming growth and making real growth.

Report released by Modi government's think tank:
India's Think Tank, Policy Commission has released the third report on the state's performance in development, social, economic and environmental conditions. In this report, there is one area in which Gujarat has topped. Policy Commission officials in Delhi on Thursday released a report known as the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals). It ranks the states in terms of progress based on statistics.

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How is the report prepared?

Notably, 17 targets were set for the preparation of this report and then it oversaw the performance of the states on 17 issues. They are ranked based on the performance of the states.

Gujarat is not among the top states:
Himachal Pradesh, Tamil Nadu
Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Karnataka, Uttarakhand

In the year 2019, the state of Kerala was at the top in the whole country and this year too, Kerala has been a surprise.

Poor performance:
According to the report, Bihar is at the bottom of the list of worst performing states in the country, followed by Jharkhand. Apart from this, the performance of Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh is also in a very weak range.

Gujarat in how much water?
It is noteworthy that according to this report, if we look at the overall ranking, Kerala is in the first place while Gujarat is in the tenth place. However, Gujarat has also topped in some sectors. Gujarat has been at the forefront in good health and industry-infrastructure.

Which area has the top spot in which area
Poverty Alleviation: Tamil Nadu, Delhi
To cure hunger: Kerala, Chandigarh.
Good Health: Gujarat, Delhi
Education: Kerala, Chandigarh.
Industry, Infrastructure: Delhi, Gujarat

SDG India Report 2020 21 Policy Commission Kerala Gujarat
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