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Monday, 24 May 2021

Gold has become the cheapest this week, if you don't buy it now, you will regret it! According to commodity experts, gold will become more expensive after July.

Wow! The government is offering cheap gold, 10 grams of gold for this amount from today.

Find out how much to invest
This is a golden opportunity for investors to invest. Sovereign gold bonds are considered to be one of the best gold investment options in India and are issued by the central government through the RBI. In the Sovereign Gold Bond scheme, a person can buy a maximum of 4 kg of gold bonds in a financial year. Also, the minimum investment must be one gram.

What tax
There is no tax on 8 year maturing benefits. Also, if you withdraw your money after 5 years, long-term capital gains tax applies to benefits.

Where can buy
You can buy gold gold online gold bonds. It will also be sold by banks, India Limited's stock holding corporations, select post office fees and stock exchanges like NSE and BSE. It is also not sold in small finance banks and payment banks.

What is SGB?
Sovereign Gold Bond is a government bond. It has no value in rupees or dollars. But it happens in the weight of gold. If the bond is five grams of gold, the value of the bond will be equal to the value of five grams of gold. Bonds are issued by the RBI government. Gold earns 2.50 per cent annually based on the price of the gold bond issue. The maturity of the bond is 8 years, but investors have the opportunity to withdraw it after 5 years.

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