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Wednesday, 26 May 2021

Will India block Facebook, Twitter, Instagram in the next 2 days under the influence of new IT rules?


New Delhi: Social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Google and Twitter are in danger of losing their status as "moderators" and could be liable for criminal proceedings if they do not comply with the revised rules enacted on Wednesday, officials said. ET.

Important social media intermediaries were given three months to comply with India's new Information Technology (G (IT)) rules, which were notified in February.


The government has set a threshold of 5 million registered users for the definition of significant social media moderation. It instructed the Resident Complaints Officer, Chief Compliance Officer and Nodal Liaison Officer to publish their details on the website along with the appointment and physical contact address. Provision for voluntary verification for the purpose of establishing the identity of the message generator and the user is also mandatory in the rules.

To date, none of the top global platforms have complied with India’s new social media rules, except for the Indian social media company Ku, sources said.

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