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Sunday, 16 May 2021

Rupani government equipped with the mantra of 'Harshe Korona-Jitshe Gujarat', started preparations for a possible third wave.

The hurricane was placed in Class-4 Information provided by the Meteorological Department Declared a very severe hurricane 225 to 279 km in category-4. There is wind per hour The hurricane came in the most severe category.

Gujarat, which is battling the Corona virus, has been hit by a major hurricane crisis, which has now picked up speed and is rapidly moving towards Gujarat, while the meteorological department has put the hurricane in a very serious category. Hurricanes are classified as Category Four and have winds of 225 to 279 km per hour. 

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According to the meteorological department, the storm will hit Gujarat on Monday night. In Gujarat, after 25 years, signal number 10 has been given to the coast.

The severity of the hurricane can be gauged from the fact that after 25 years, the coastal ports of Gujarat have been given signal number 10. Eight signals have also been issued in the state at Jafrabad in Amreli, Veraval in Gir Somnath, Mangrol and Porbandar and Dwarka. Section 144 has also been applied to the coast in Jafrabad. The movement of our people has been banned.

The storm will hit Gujarat on Monday night.

It is a matter of concern for Gujarat that the speed of the hurricane is increasing very fast and the hurricane will hit Gujarat tonight from 8 to 11 with tremendous speed. Gujarat will be hit by hurricanes between Porbandar and Mahuva, with winds of 156 to 185 kmph.

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