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Monday, 24 May 2021

Takshashila fire completes 2 years: Parents who lost their daughter in Surat have tears in their eyes

It has been two years since the fire broke out at Takshashila Arcade at Sarthana in Surat, the screams of which are being heard by the parents of the children. An accident that never happened in Surat two years ago. The wave of mourning was all around again. As many as 22 innocent flowers were burnt to ashes by innocent children. The helpless parents stood up to save their lives, but the helplessness was such that they could not save their children.

Upstairs the daughter was burning and the helpless father could do nothing despite being downstairs Janhvi, daughter of Mahesh Vekaria, who lives in Sarthana Jakatnaka Shraddha Row House, went to Takshashila on May 24, 2019 for painting. His 17-year-old chipper is still heard by his father today. 

At the last moment he called and said, "Daddy is coming soon, Daddy is coming soon, save me" ... Janhvi had a 5 to 6 minute conversation with her father, in which she was caught in a class fire and others joined. Me. . 17 to 18 children are also trapped in the class. The fire is raging and our exit is closed.

Picture of the deceased Janhvi and his parents and brother. - Divya Bhaskar Picture of the deceased Janhvi and his parents and brother.

Dad cried a lot from below As soon as the daughter's phone rang, father Mahesh Vekaria reached the spot in just two minutes, but he was helpless. There was no way to get to the top. Smoke billowed from the classrooms as soon as the class started. The father cried a lot from below, but he could not go upstairs to save his daughter.

The deceased Janhvi with his family. - Divya Bhaskar The deceased Janhvi with his family. Even today the mother is sad and cries when she sees her daughter's favorite thing Seeing what Janhvi likes, her mother is still sad and crying. The teddy bear in Janhvi's hand was his favorite. She kept him with her whenever she was at home all day. Janhvi is no longer in her mother's lap, a teddy bear like her memory is in front of her eyes. They get annoyed whenever they see Janhvi's case. A mother who wants to fulfill all the hobbies and desires of her daughter is thirsty for justice for her daughter today.

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