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Saturday, 8 May 2021

Political agitation intensifies before assembly elections Political heat is on the rise in many states ahead of next year's elections.

Subject: Matter of declaring child care institute in the district under Corona virus (COVID-39). Ref: Ministry of Women and Child Development, New Delhi Letter No. CW-I-30/8/2021-CW.

Letter dated 2-9-2071 of II regarding the above subject and context to state that the Juvenile Justice Act-2018 has been declared to the child care institutions taking into consideration the interest of the child's health in the Koro epidemic. 

Children whose parents / guardians are positive or one parent is positive and cannot take care of a hospitalized child will have to undergo the necessary screening and get the children admitted for the required days with the approval of the Child Welfare Committee. If there is no Children's Home for Bose or Children's Home for Girls in the district, the child will have to be admitted in the enclosed institution as per the order of the Child Welfare Committee. Travel expenses to be transferred to another district shall be borne by the Head of the Child Welfare Committee. Child.

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💥   *ગુજરાત સ્ટેટ ફર્ટિલાઇઝર્સ અને કેમિકલ લિમિટેડ (GSFC) માં જુનિયર એક્ઝિક્યુટિવ / એક્ઝિક્યુટિવ ઓફિસર અને મેનેજર ની જગ્યા પર ભરતી* 

The staff of the institute will have to go to another district. The female employee of the organization will have to go to transfer the girls.

With this list the organization has been declared, the name of the superintendent of the organization, the name of the organization, the address and all the information of the contact number should be posted at the reception of Howid Hospital.

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