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Monday, 17 May 2021

Report of the Palestine-Israel War: There are explosions here all night, I sleep hugging children; Fear that another bomb will not strike the house

Baha Gul, a journalist working in Gaza, has 3 children. In these difficult times, we keep the volume of the TV on so that the sound of attacks and explosions on the house does not come. I've been sleeping with my kids all night. By morning my back hurts and I am sitting with both my hands on my ears. When the kids come to me in fear I explain to them that the bomb has exploded, we are safe here. But I also know that no one is safe in Gaza right now.

"I am making various efforts to keep my children away from this condition and give them peace of mind," Gul said. First I give them to draw, then I talk to them. Right now I don’t even send my kids to play on the roof, because the kids playing on the roof have also been bombed.

"I have been in journalism for 16 years and I have covered many such battles," he said of Gaza. But the way the war is going right now is really serious and damaging.

A child was rescued after an Israeli attack in the Gaza Strip on Saturday. While 6 children died.
A child was rescued after an Israeli attack in the Gaza Strip on Saturday. While 6 children died.
Where will the children of Gaza live?

The Gaza Strip is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea on one side and Egypt on the other. The other side is Israel. About 200 million people live here. Gul said the area would not even have a foothold in Gaza when the population grows from 2 million to 30 million. Where will the children of Gaza live then?

The Israeli army is bombing Gaza day and night. The blast killed at least 150 people and left more than 10,000 homeless. Israel has destroyed more than 500 offices of Hamas, the group that controls Gaza. In a conversation with Bhaskar, Gul said that every building here is very close to each other and if one bomb explodes, the other falls with it.

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