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Sunday, 23 May 2021

Regarding Std. 12 examination will be taken- Newspaper list of video conference meeting organized by the Ministry of Education, Central Government.

Data by Ministry of Education, Central Government. On 23-05-2021 of all the states of the country CBSE via video conference with education ministers.

Standard 12 declared by the Board NEET, JEE and various options for taking entrance exams and exams for higher studies Hon'ble Minister of Defense, Government of India on how states are also ready to plan The presidential seat was found. In which CBSE. Two for taking standard 12 examination by the board Options were discussed.

Option 1 - Written in descriptive form from the current three-hour examination system The period for conducting the examination and announcing the result for it was discussed. Option 2 - Multiple option type questions and short answer questions of the proposed course
Considering the format, test using the question paper, in which the question paper is completed in 90 minutes The option was discussed.

The discussion was attended by education ministers from all the states across the country.
Participating in the discussion, Hon'ble Education Minister Shri Bhupendrasinh Chudasama said that Students' careers are just as important as their safety. 

Conducting exams At this time, the examination will be conducted strictly following the guidelines of Covid-19 And the necessary co-operation for the entrance examinations for higher studies conducted by the Government of India Will be provided.

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