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Monday, 24 May 2021

Large facility for vaccination: Online appointment is not required for people in the age group of 18-44, registration can also be done at Government Vaccination Center

Major facility for vaccination: Appointment online appointment is not required for people in the age group of 18-44 years, registration can also be done at the government vaccination center.

The government has changed the rules of vaccination. Now people in the 18-44 age group have got a lot of relief for vaccinations. People of this age do not need an appointment online. Under the new rule, these people will be able to go to the vaccination center to register and make an appointment. This facility will be provided in government vaccination centers at present.

The Center has sent the notification to all the states and asked them to start the registration facility on the spot. It is up to the states whether they launch the facility themselves or not.

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The decision was made to prevent waste
Indeed, people did not arrive at the vaccination center even after booking slots for the vaccine from many states. Vaccine waste was on the rise. The Center has taken this decision on the basis of these reports. Apart from this the people of rural areas were facing difficulties.

Vaccination was allowed in the workplace
On Saturday, the central government took another step by approving vaccinations in private and government offices. Accordingly, her family members will also be able to get vaccinated with employees in government and private offices. Companies will be able to buy vaccines directly from manufacturers through hospitals to vaccinate more people.


The rule will no longer apply in Gujarat

Health Front Secretary Dr Jayanti Ravi clarified that there is no fact in media reports that corona vaccination for people between the ages of 18 and 6 in the state can now be done through online registration without on-sport registration. He further said that the process of vaccination by the state government is the same as that done by giving place, time and date from pre-registration. The state government has maintained the existing system of registration for vaccination through website and application.

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