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Tuesday, 25 May 2021

Why Janeta's life may have been lost: In Bhavnagar's Sihor, a close Janeta drowned her two children and her husband lodged a complaint against his wife.

Why Janeta's life is lost: In Bhavnagar's Sihor, nearby Janeta drowned her two children and her husband lodged a complaint against his wife.

A mother drowned her two young children in Khodiyar Lake near the famous Khodiyar Mataji Temple near Sihor near Bhavnagar. However, Sihor police have taken up the matter as to why Jahita herself took this step.

Your wife drowned both your children.

Ajaybhai Jentibhai Makwana had lodged a complaint with the Sihor police that he was renting a house in a rented house behind Popatbhai's Wadi Railway Hospital and was working in a diamond factory. My marriage took place at Botad twelve years ago. ) And religious (UV six years). My wife and children were at home when I left for Java in the morning. 

At 30.30 pm, my wife called me and said that we had come to Rajpara Khodiyar temple with our two children. After I hung up the phone, at 7.30 pm, while I was taking the wrong route from my wife's mobile, a brother called me and said, "Come to the lake of Rajpara Khodiyar temple soon. Your wife has drowned your two children."

 - Divya Bhaskar

The doctor declared both the children dead

The incident sparked controversy in the city. While mother Sunita was sitting on the shore of the lake, police and local swimmers found and rescued the nine-year-old girl and the seven-year-old boy and shifted them to Sihor for treatment. Where the doctor on duty pronounced both children dead in the investigation. Ajaybhai, the father of the two deceased children, also reached Sihor following the incident.

"For the last seven months, my wife and I have been having a domestic dispute over a minor matter, which led to my wife drowning both the children in the lake," Ajaybhai said in the police complaint. This led to legal action against my wife. Sihor police have registered a case and taken legal action under IPC 302.

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