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Thursday, 27 May 2021

Fake News:Corona vaccine recipient dies in 2 years, news goes viral on social media

Fake News:Corona vaccine recipient dies in 2 years, news goes viral on social media

The vaccination program is being implemented rapidly in the country. A vaccination program has also been launched for people aged 18 to 44 from May 1. 


The government is trying to spread awareness in various ways from social media to ensure that more people are vaccinated. On the other hand, some people are also trying to spread misconceptions about the vaccine. Fear about the vaccine is spreading in the country.

Recently a photo went viral on social media. It is claimed that people will die 2 years after receiving the vaccine. This claim has been completely disproved in the fact check of the government body PIB. PIB has refuted this message by tweeting in this regard. The PIB said in a tweet that whatever vaccine is being given now is safe, there is no risk from it.

is written piaibie, a photograph of Francis giving an example of Nobel Prize winners' remarks about -19 kovida vaccine is being viral on social media. The claim made in the picture is fake. The corona vaccine is safe. "Don't forward this image," PIB tweeted, urging people not to spread rumors about it.

What is claimed in the viral post The
picture on social media mentions a statement from Nobel laureate Luke Montagnier. That said, everyone who gets vaccinated will die within 2 years. There is no chance of any vaccine taker surviving. The statement from the virologist also said that treatment of people who have been vaccinated is no longer possible. We must be prepared to bury the dead.

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