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Friday, 21 May 2021

Epidemic / Corona relief in Gujarat, 4251 cases reported today but worries remain

Viral Vadodara: No one should suffer like this, only father-son Mobhi died from corona, 4 children registered There is no evidence that injections have a good effect According to a report, the WHO has removed the injection of Ramdeshivir from the list of protocols attached to the treatment of corona patients. Prior to this decision, the WHO had also issued a warning when using Corona patient during treatment.

Surprisingly, the WHO said the injection was already being used in many countries, including India.

Earlier, Dr. DS Rana, chairman of Sir Gangaram Hospital in Delhi, had given a statement The Chairman of Sir Gangaram Hospital, Delhi, Dr. D.S. Rana said the use of the drug to treat patients with this corona could be banned. According to ANI, Dr. Rana said that there was no evidence that the patient got any relief due to the injection. He said there was no evidence that the injections used to treat the corona patient had a good effect. 

Medications that do not work should be discontinued. At the same time, he said, only three drugs currently work. Dr DS Rana's statement came at a time when people across the country were working hard to get injections. The drug was also distributed on the black market and people paid 5 times with fake injections.

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