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Monday, 17 May 2021

Decision / now may be extended till this date Sanctions imposed in Gujarat, decision will be taken in the meeting of the core committee

The curfew in the state could be extended for another 7 days Consider extending the curfew until May 25 The issue of curfew will be decided at the core committee meeting Possibility of extension of curfew imposed in the state.

The government plans to increase the curfew by May 25 Although coronavirus cases are declining in Gujarat, the threat cannot be avoided. With a risk-free approach in the second wave in the state, approvals could be extended a bit more.

At a time when the entire country, including.

 Gujarat, is going through a corona virus crisis, the number of corona virus cases is slowly declining. Amid the recession, sanctions imposed in Gujarat are coming to an end and sources said that sanctions, including curfew in the state, are likely to be extended for a week

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The issue of curfew will be decided at the core committee meeting Significantly, MLAs from five districts of the state have now introduced curfew and a major decision on the whole matter may be taken in the near future. The decision on curfew can be taken at the core committee meeting. However, the state has also been affected by the hurricane today and the state government is also busy with hurricane work as the hurricane is forecast to pass between Porbandar and Mahuva at 6 pm.

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