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Friday, 21 May 2021

Corona / Why did PM Modi get emotional again? This is one thing to say in a conversation with doctors in Varanasi

PM Modi is talking to doctors and medical staff in Varanasi PM Modi became emotional during the conversation.

 The Chief Minister praised the yogis and officials PM Modi has spoken to doctors in Varanasi during the Koro period. In Varanasi, the Prime Minister praised CM Yogi and administration officials for organizing the coronation. During the conversation the Prime Minister became emotional and he paid tribute to those who lost their lives due to Corona.

A lighter dose of this vaccine, Corona, will work, the company made a big announcement Sir, people are spitting on you now, how many more people will die: DI Dio clip of BJP MP and woman activist goes viral Vadodara: No one should suffer like this, only father-son Mobhi died from corona, 4 children registered.

Talking to PM's Brigadier S Baweja, Prof KK Gupta, Dr Prasanna Kumar and Asim Mishra in Varanasi, the PM said, "Our people have been robbed by this virus. I feel sorry for his family..'

Praise the oxygen management of Varanasi

The PM said that the pace at which Varanasi has increased the number of oxygen and ICU beds in such a short period of time. The way Pandit Rajan Mishra has activated Kovid Hospital is an example in itself.

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