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Tuesday, 25 May 2021

Panchmahal: A student who failed in Std-D due to a disturbance in Halol's Model School came across this error while filling up Std-10 form.

Big news for Std. 5 students. School / Gujarat 1 to 10, this course will be taught to students from June 10.

Students' previous standard course will be taught as a bridge course The program will run a month of bridgecourse-classification. In which the previous standard syllabus of the students will be taught as a bridge course and to understand the syllabus of the standard in which the student has now entered the standard in Std. 

The redevelopment of bridge course-class involves the preparation of standard-d schools. 1, std. Class readiness for. 6-7 - Gujarati, Mathematics as well as Gujarati, Mathematics and English for Std. Gujarati, Mathematics, English and Science subjects for 6th to 8th and Std.

Gujarat Will be distributed by Gujarat State Text Book Board till June 8 State Literature will be delivered to students by Gujarat State Text Book Board till June, Std. Training has been organized for the bridge course class readiness program for. 1 to 10 teachers during 6 to 8 June. While from June 10, Std. A month-long study will be conducted using 1 to 10 bridge course-class redemption materials across the state.

Std. In the study of this material in 1 to 10, students must also use textbooks from the previous year or last year. Std. Students of 1 to 8 will have to do writing work in the material. Std. Students of Of 9 to 10 have to make a separate notebook. The program will also provide guidance to teachers through Doordarshan and DD Girnar channels.

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