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Monday, 17 May 2021

Answer to some embarrassing questions after standard 10 month promotion.

Answer to some embarrassing questions after standard 10 month promotion.

Answer: At present the government has decided only for mass promotion. A committee has been formed for all other decisions, the report of which will be clarified. Question: What care can be taken for Std.12 board exam when I have not got experience of Std.10 board exam? Ans: Each school has to set up its own system for this and Std. Just like 10, Std. 11 examination should be taken at school level.


The government should also conduct pre-board examination before the board of Std. Question: Std. How to prepare the mark sheet of 10th Mass Promotion? If mass promotion is written in it, will there be any problem for future admission? Ans: It is difficult to say as there is no clear guideline, but Std. It will not matter if mass promotion is given all over the country in 10th. However, there may be difficulties in getting admission in a foreign educational institution.

Question: Is there any problem in government job from the mark sheet of Std. 10 mass promotion? Ans: There was a problem in the government job while giving mass promotion at the time of makeover, so the possibility of recurrence of that situation cannot be ruled out.

Question: To the student Std. How to get admission in 11th? Answer: Govt. Guidelines for 11th admission have not yet been set, but at this stage the parent should avoid the decision to change schools. Question: In which entrance examination is the mark sheet of Std. 10 considered valid? Ans: Compulsory in all interest tests including JEE, Knit, Siemens. It is also compulsory in educational institutions of the country and abroad. Question: How to get merit list in ITI and diploma?

Question: If mass promotion is written in the mark sheet, will it affect the career? Ans: It doesn't matter if you give mass promotion all over the country, if you want to go abroad for study, there may be a problem. Question: Should a student be allowed to stream anything in standard 11 now? Ans: The result of the last 3 years of the student should be studied, on the basis of which a decision can be made in which stream to get admission.

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