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Thursday, 27 May 2021

After refusing to accept the new guideline, the government told Twitter in no uncertain terms that it would have to abide by the new digital rules or the government would have other options.

Law is the job of the government, Twitter is a social media platform-IT ministry.

The government has made it clear that it is up to the government to make laws and enforce policies and Twitter is just a social media platform and the government will not interfere in any way. 

Citing an example, the ministry said that some areas of Ladakh have been given to China through Twitter. In addition, U.S. Those who tweeted about the violence on Capitol Hill were banned.

New rules came for social media

The Union IT Ministry has written to all social media asking them to take steps to comply with the new IT rules. The central government has sought an answer. Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter were given three months to comply with the new rules. 

The new rules make it mandatory for social media to appoint a compliance officer in India. The IT ministry in the letter directed social media to inform the government about the status of compliance. The government insisted that please give us your answer.

The central government has said it has no intention of violating privacy.

The central government sternly tweeted that, on the one hand, WhatsApp is considering making such a privacy policy mandatory for its users, under which they can share their personal information with their parent company Facebook. 

On the other hand, it is trying to implement the Interim Guidelines of the Government of India, which were introduced to maintain the rule of law and curb fake news. "We have no intention of violating users' privacy," the central government said.

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