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Sunday, 23 May 2021

Nitin Patel's statement: "If Narayan does not, when the Hindu population in the country decreases and its population increases, everything will be destroyed."

Abharkha / All this left: 5th pass BJP MLA becomes doctor, controversy escalates as video goes viral

At a time when the country was fighting an epidemic, when the people of the country were fighting such a big crisis and pleading for treatment, all the leaders seemed to be singing. Leaders who are now coming forward to serve do not rise above their own impressions. Earlier, Gujarat leaders were present at the inauguration of the oxygen cylinder and ambulance, but now that limit has been reached. The BJP MLA from Surat started giving injections himself.

MLA સાહેબને ડૉક્ટર થવાનો શોખ 

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Mr. MLA has a hobby of becoming a doctor

Surat MLA VD Jhalawadia's video is going viral in which he is injecting a patient in a bottle of glucose. Ordinary people are raising questions against the MLA after the video went viral. The question then is who will be responsible for what happens to the patient due to the act committed by the MLA? Why is it necessary to walk in front of the MLA and give injections even though doctors and nurses are present in the hospital? Is the MLA doing this just to take a photo?

You landed

However, the AAP has also been involved in the controversy over VD Jhalawadia. Surat Opposition Leader Dharmesh Bhanderi has accused the MLA of sabotaging people's lives. These are not road works that you can do. The legislature should think before doing such an operation. The government will not take any action against BJP leaders either.

MLA disability protection

A video case has been filed against the MLA following the VTV report and it has been clarified that no injection has been given in the running bottle and I am serving. However, their clarity is far from reality. Because the MLA's video clearly shows that the patient is in bed and the MLA is injecting into his bottle.

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