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Friday, 2 April 2021

The Delta variant of the Corona has spread to 85 countries around the world, the World Health Organization has warned.

Warning / Do not do this by mistake even after taking the corona vaccine, find out what the WHO has said on side effects.

Calling the corona virus vaccine safe, the WHO said today that it is very common to see certain side effects after vaccination.

WHO advice on corona vaccine
Certain side effects are common after taking the covid vaccine Medical experts believe that certain activities should be discontinued Calling the corona virus vaccine safe, the WHO said today that it is very common to see some side effects after vaccination, and this is a sign that your body is preparing for defense.

WHO advice

A public document released by the WHO states that it is common for certain side effects to occur after vaccination. Experts, on the other hand, say that people should take a break from certain activities for a few days after being vaccinated.

According to the WHO, fever, muscle aches, etc. are common after a dose of the vaccine, and this is a sign that your body is developing an immune response and these side effects go away in a few days, with pain at the injection. Site, fatigue. Things like headaches and diarrhea are common symptoms. However, in some cases, long-term side effects, including an allergic reaction, can occur, although the WHO says the vaccine is safe on long-term side effects.

Here are five key pointers to move forward

1. According to medical experts, you should not get a tattoo for a few days after taking the covid vaccine. It is very difficult, although the immune response can be stimulated. If you want to get a tattoo, ask your doctor when applying the vaccine or wait a few days after the vaccination.

2. According to scientists, avoid getting another vaccine for two weeks before and after getting the covid vaccine. There is not much information yet about how the corona vaccine responds to other vaccines. In that case, it is wise to take a few weeks off.

3. Avoid workout after vaccination. If you have pain in your muscles, exercising makes it worse. It is better to take a break one or two days after vaccination.

The. After applying the vaccine, the body should be kept hydrated as water helps the body’s immune response process. If you have a fever after being vaccinated, it will also help you heal.

5. You will receive a certificate after being vaccinated against the corona virus. You can also store it digitally. Save it for now. You may need this for travel, visa, etc. in the coming days.

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