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Saturday, 3 April 2021

Voluntary lockdown in this village of Gujarat, 16 active cases Changa village of Anand will be closed voluntarily as the transition to Corona increases.

The highest number of 2410 cases of coronavirus was reported in the state history. Voluntary lockdown in this vill of Gujarat, 16 active cases Changa village of Anand will be closed freely as the transition to Corona increases. The townies of Petlad vill in Anand have decided to close Changa vill freely. 

Changa vill, which is closed from hereafter till April 13, will be closed automatically. requests will be open for essential particulars from 6 to 10 in the morning and from 5 to 8 in the evening. With 16 active cases of corona in Anand vill, the townies have decided to keep Changa vill closed spontaneously. 

The highest number of 2410 cases of coronavirus was reported in the state history. Corona infections have killed further than nine people. Corona was treated by 2015 cases in the state history. So far people in the state have beaten Corona. 

The number of active cases in the state has decrease to close to 13 thousand. presently active cases in the state have reached 12996. Of which 155 people are on the humudifier and 12841 people are stationary. Corona recovery rate in the state is.35.35 percent. 

How many deaths from corona?

A total of 9 people were killed contemporaneously in Ahmedabad Corporation( AMC), Surat Corporation( SMC), Vadodara Corporation 1 and Bhavnagar history. A aggregate of 4528 people have failed in the state so far from Corona. 

Where and how many cases were reported?

Ahmedabad Corporation 613, Surat Corporation 464, Vadodara Corporation 292, Rajkot Corporation 179, Surat 151, Vadodara 71, Rajkot 44, Bhavnagar Corporation- 32, Jamnagar Corporation- 32, Mehsana- 31, Mahisagar- 29, Bharuch- 28, Gandhinagar Corporation- 27, Patan-27, Kheda-26, Morbi--, 26, Sabarkantha- 26, Gandhinagar- 25, Panchmahal- 25, Amreli- 24, Jamnagar- 24, Kutch- 24, Narmada- 22, Dahod- 21, Anand- 19, 10 cases have been reported in Valsad- 17, Surendranagar- 14, Ahmedabad- 13, Banaskantha- 12 and Bhavnagar. 

How many people were given leave?

The number of patients complete yesterday in the state is 2015. The total number of patients in the Gujarat is 2,92,584.

How many people were vaccinated

A total of 53,68,002 people have been given the first cure of the vaccine and 6,97,680 people have been given the alternate cure of nimbus vaccine under the vaccination program. therefore a aggregate of people have been vaccinated. history, a aggregate of further than,000 people were vaccinated against the complaint. The vaccine has not yet caused any serious side goods in the state.

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