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Friday, 2 April 2021

Question against Tantra / Claims of adequate system in Gujarat are vague,

Question against Tantra / Claims of adequate system in Gujarat are vague, sick workers were given open treatment in factories as development is taking place in hospitals.

Morbi workers are sleeping in the shade of a ceramic unit and treating for an open corona.

Severe condition with treatment in Morbi Treat workers by sleeping in the shade of a ceramic unit Since there is no bed facility in the hospital, treatment is given in the shed A video has surfaced of workers being treated in the open while sleeping in the shed of Morbi's ceramic unit. Morbi's video has surfaced. He claims that corona patients are treated in the open. But when the place was treated. The space is the shed of Morbi’s catheterization ceramic unit. And VTV also had a conversation with their owner Arun Patel.

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The owner of Keshan Ceramic Company said that the corona test of these people is negative.

The corona of some people of Morbi Ceramic Unit is being treated. A video of which has gone viral on social media. The truth has finally come out after the investigation of this case by VTV. Video Morbi's citation is found to be ceramic. The caption had a conversation with Arun Patel, the owner of Ceramics.

In which Arun Patel clarified about the video that these patients are not from Corona. The people who are being treated. They have fever, cold and other ailments. Asking questions to Arun Patel, he said that corona tests of these people have also been done. Whose reports have come negative. But at present the sick people are being treated in this way as there is no bed arrangement in the hospital due to corona.

Question against the operation of Morbi's system?

Arun Patel, owner of the precautionary company, said the video did not show Morbi Koro's patient. However, care must also be taken by the system. Arun Patel said that currently patients suffering from fever and whooping cough could not get beds for treatment in the hospital and were undergoing treatment in the company's premises. Now the next biggest question is on the management of the system. 

Patients other than Corona are also having difficulty receiving treatment. The people who are being treated. He is a worker in companies like Ceramic. And it is also difficult for people from this normal family to seek treatment in a private hospital. So why there is no treatment in the hospital. There is a big question in front of him.

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