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Saturday, 3 April 2021

Original standard 1 to 9 schools closed Other writing until the teaching work stops

Original standard 1 to 9 schools closed Other writing until the teaching work stops The decision of the students of the Core Committee The original school is closed. Washing extra cases of corona. School closures from 1 to 9 are ordered by the core committee. However, the period began with the Lincoln class for study. 

Purfulant Lifesin Education is off. Corona cases appear in native children. The chapter of Chief Vijay Vijay Rupani was replaced by the main committee. Make important decisions. In the event of this decision of the Main Committee the status of the transition of the Sharmatman Koro is taken into account. All standard 1 to 9 schools in the state will be closed.

Schools are closed from Monday 5 April. And other instructions, stop teaching until the command comes. Celebrate the implementation of the instruction of all government and private schools in the state. The decision has been taken keeping Vijay Rupani in control of the spiritual affairs of the state and keeping in view the transition of Koro.

Coronary infections among children increased in Ahmedabad.

Importantly, corona cases have also been seen in children in the last few days. Ahmedabad Civil Hospital has registered positive cases of corona in 6 children below 11 years of age. Increased corona in children is a field of pictures of doctors and parents. Corona-proposed is a separate verbal construction for the treatment of children. Arranges separately for positive mothers and children. Dr. Rajneesh Patel said that pregnant women should be careful now.

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