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Thursday, 1 April 2021

Vaccination program closed across the state for two days due to hurricane, decision taken in a meeting chaired by CM

West Bengal is the second largest land today. The high profile railway is Nandigram. Proceedings are underway on the Bengal election campaign manifesto and TMC's November-Nandikar rally. Because Mamata Banerjee herself has a record attached to this rain. Against which is the auspicious pure vegetable of rain.

 Once a lifelong leader in the sky. So during the election counting period, Shubhedu's election was attacked. And by noon, Mamata Banerjee had also put a surprise on the Election Commission.

Mamata Banerjee answered the Governor's phone call.


Mamata Banerjee became the Election Commission after inspecting certain booths. With this, Governor Jagdeep Dhanakhad called for fair elections in Bengal. The state governor spoke on Mamata's phone. Mamata Banerjee has expressed concern at the time of the state’s message. I believe in prayer. Confidence, good value. Move democracy forward.

Bengal Chief Minister Banerjee frequently sits at Booth No. 7 of Nandikaran Boyle Public School. Mamata Banerjee sat in a wheelchair to protest. Bring Trinamool Congress workers to the Nandi programs, or close the recognition on Saturday. There was also talk of not having the consent of TMC workers at the timing booth. There were allegations that people were speeding up the process. In the midst of all this, Mamata's president also made allegations. And there is talk of taking action.

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