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Thursday, 1 April 2021

Mother-daughter drowned in floods in first rains of season, mother's rescue daughter drowns

Imran Khedawala tore up a copy of the Freedom Religion Reform Bill in the House. Love Jihad disagrees and tears Bill. See who said what?

Copy of Favela Bill by Imran Khedawala in the House

The bill exploded in disagreement with the Love Jihad Bill

Tearing the bill hurts my feelings-Pradeep SinghHome Minister Pradeep Singh said that the mindset of the Congress has come out. Billing has hurt my feelings. Imran Khedawala has been asked to take action.

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Paresh Dhanani made a presentation in the House and said the bill has been torn up several times while Ashok Bhatt was in protest. This bill is just a draft, the bill has not been approved yet. Shailesh Parmar also attacked the government. He said, "You have brought this bill for publicity." How do you suppress the right to assembly? Also said. He said you will not suppress the right of the MLA?

INDvsENG: Even after winning, Kohli was very upset, Shardul and Bhuvi ...Tourists come to the Statue of Unity, all bookings, including Hotel-Tent City, are banned from playing Dhuleti

Major Indian Military Initiative: A gift to the Nepal Army that will make all Indians proud

What did Pradipsinh Jadeja say?

Now there will be a law against love jihad in Gujarat too. The Religious Freedom Amendment Bill has been introduced in the Legislature. Minister of State for Home Pradipsinh introduced the bill in the House. He said that if the daughter was called a parki deposit, it would not fall into the hands of jihadists. This Hindu society respects the daughter like a piece of care. We have brought in a law to prevent the daughter from falling into the hands of jihadists. This is not our political agenda. It is our duty to protect our daughters. A conspiracy to engage in terrorist activity could be formed on the basis of conversion.

Destroyer of those who tamper with love: Dhanani

Paresh Dhanani also objected to the Home Minister's statement, saying that the Special Marriage Act was enacted in Parliament in 1954. I have been hearing the word Love Jihad for years. No one has the right to betray. The women of the village speak the Talpadi language. Jihad means campaign. Love has no boundaries, love is nature. The one who tampers with love is destroyed.

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