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Wednesday, 10 March 2021

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Work / Save your documents and notes on WhatsApp, learn how to create a personal diary on WhatsApp.

Other things have disappeared from people's lives due to the increasing use of smartphones. Nowadays everything from studies to shopping is done through internet and phone. If we want to write something or make notes of any kind, we use the notes provided in the phone. Or share it on WhatsApp. 

It often happens when we make a list and share it with someone. Other than that we shake everything from office fees to personal work on the workspace.

But doing so confuses people. So today we will show you a working trick of WhatsApp that you can use to save the required work or document. You can easily create a personal diary or notes on WhatsApp.

How to create a personal diary on WhatsApp
For this you have to create a new group on your WhatsApp.

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To create a group, click on the three dots at the top right of the app. Where you will have the option to create a new group.

When creating a group, add one of your family members or friends.

This group will now include you and others.

You can name this group a draft or diary or whatever.

You can remove another member from the group if you wish. Even then you will be in the group and you will be the only member in it.

Here you can do anything you want to take note of in this group.

In this no one else will be able to read your message and you will not disturb anyone else with the message or document.

You can use this group as a personal diary. Here you can save a message, list or anything.

You can share office fees or any personal document in this group.

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