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Friday, 26 March 2021

16 lives lost in Karun / Bharuch fire: PM Modi- CM Rupani expresses grief, Rs 4 lakh assistance to relatives

The blaze injured at least half a dozen police officers and destroyed equipment and weapons.
Patna, 26.

A huge fire broke out last night when a gas cylinder exploded in the police line of Buddha Colony here. The cause of the fire turned out to be a small cylinder rupture. About half a dozen police personnel were injured in the blast. The police tried to control the line manually Blaze said. 

But when a fire broke out in several cylinders, all the police personnel got out of there. The fire was reported to the fire brigade as fire brigade vehicles reached the spot as the fire brigade was nearby. About two and a half hours later the fire was brought under control.

According to Widget, 14 to 15 gas cylinders in the mess of the police line exploded due to the fire. Vehicles seized nearby also caught fire. People living nearby were scared by the explosion in the gas cylinder. The cooking gas cylinder in the vessel burst into flames

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