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Thursday, 11 March 2021

Scientists warn of new deadly virus in Corona, which could kill 75 million people

Scientists warn of new deadly virus in Corona, which could kill 75 million people

In the midst of an outbreak of the corona virus, scientists have warned of new and more deadly viruses, saying the virus could prove fatal to humans and spread even faster than the corona.

Predicting an even more dangerous virus than the corona virus An estimated 250 million people could die

More than a billion cases could come up

The new virus has been dubbed Disease X by researchers and is said to be as deadly as the Ebola virus. The WHO estimates that more than a billion cases of the disease occur each year and that millions die.

Any species of animal can be a source of this virus.

Dr. of the Halholtz Center. Joseph Seattle told The Sun Nalin that any species of animal can be a source of the virus and that animal species are more likely to be like rats and bats. Also depends.

Although there is currently no specific information about this disease, researchers believe that this unknown disease may be an epidemic and, importantly, a case of this disease was found in the African country Congo, which had a high fever and also internal bleeding. Was happening. However he was tested for Ebola and came back negative.

Even more people can die than the Black Death

Scientists fear that the coming epidemic could be even more severe than the Black Death, noting that the Black Death is an epidemic that has killed more than 25 million people, but the new disease X virus is now more than just an epidemic. This is not only serious and dangerous, but it is also predicted that the human race will face a new epidemic every five years. According to the EcoHealth Alliance, there are about 1.2 million unknown viruses in the world, of which about 2,000 have been transmitted to humans by animals.

Corona is an example of this and other viruses that come in contact with animals can be fatal. Bird flu, SARS, MERS, Nipah and yellow fever are common examples of viruses that first originated in animals and then spread to humans.

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