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Wednesday, 10 March 2021

The Interior Ministry, in action after the Taliban rule in Afghanistan, took this big decision.

Rohit to be Six King in T20: Opportunity to urpass Martin Guptill, Rohit Sharma is the only Indian to hit more than 100 sixes.

The five-match T20 series between India and England starts on March 12, which could be crucial for Team India's opener and star batsman Rohit Sharma. Rohit could become the highest-scoring batsman in T20 internationals during this series. He is currently second only to Martin Guptill of New Zealand

Rohit has hit 127 sixes so far

Rohit has hit 127 sixes in 108 T20s so far, while Martin Guptill has hit 137 sixes in 99 matches. England captain Owen Morgan is in third place. He has hit 113 sixes in 97 matches. Morgan will also be able to raise his six in the series.

Apart from these batsmen, New Zealand's Colin Munro (107 sixes in 65 matches), West Indies' Chris Gayle (106 sixes in 61 matches) and Australia's Aaron Finch (104 sixes in 71 matches) have been killed.

- Divya Bhaskar

Virat is second among Indian batsmen

Team India captain Virat Kohli does not have the impression of being a six hitter. However, he is the highest-scoring Indian batsman in the T20I. Virat has hit 81 sixes in 85 matches. Virat can complete six centuries in this series. For that he has to bat a little more aggressively.

Named New Zealand's top six players

The New Zealand team is ahead in six hits. The New Zealand batsmen have hit 854 sixes so far. In second place is the West Indies team. The Caribbean batsman has hit 836 sixes. Australia Australia is in third place. His batsmen have hit 793 sixes. Team India is in fourth position. Batsmen from India have scored a maximum of 726 runs. It is followed by Pakistan (698 sixes), England (671 sixes), South Africa (671 sixes), Afghanistan (516 sixes) and Sri Lanka (504 sixes).

The first six records in T20 international cricket are held by former Australia captain Michael Clarke. Clarke hit a six over New Zealand's Darrell Tuffy in the world's first T20 international on 17 February 2005.

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