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Friday, 26 March 2021

Protest against PM Modi in Bangladesh, 20 injured

India-Bangladesh relations have been strained for some time now. Today, PM Modi arrived in Bangladesh at the invitation of Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. However, despite all the help India has given to Bangladesh, one group is opposing PM Modi's visit.

Today, PM Modi arrived in Bangladesh with more than 10 lakh doses. India has given the highest dose of corona vaccine to Bangladesh. However, 20 people were injured in a violent protest against PM Modi at Dhaka University on Thursday. They landed and were chanting anti-India as well as anti-Modi slogans. Police have also detained 40 people.

The question is why PM Modi is being opposed ... who are the protesters ... Experts say that leftist student unions were opposing PM Modi under the progressive student alliance. Protesting students on the other hand alleged that this was done by the pro student organization Bangladesh Student League.

However, amidst the protests is the fact that India has always been with Bangladesh since its independence. India has supplied 2.2 million doses of corona vaccine to Bangladesh. On the other hand, Bangladesh has an agreement with India to buy 300 million doses.

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