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Friday, 5 March 2021

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Peasant movement / 100 day old peasant movement, today farmers will protest in such a way

Farmers protesting the end of the 100-day agitation will stop the KMP Express van today for 5 hours.

100 days of peasant movement Today farmers will protest wearing black bandages KMP will block the 5-hour expressway Today is the 100th day of the peasant movement on the Delhi border. The 100th day of the movement will be marked as a black day on Saturday with a 5-hour blockade on the KMP Expressway on Saturday. There will also be jams at Dasna, Duhai, Baghpat, Dadri, Greater Noida. Here farmers will protest wearing black bandages. The toll plaza will also be free.

There are plans to form a Mahapanchayat in Madhya Pradesh

Apart from Delhi, farmers of Chhatarpur in Madhya Pradesh have been agitating for 87 days. The police administration did not provide them with tents or any other assistance. Mahapanchayats were also held here in Pan and March and later tents were set up. There are also plans to form a Mahapanchayat in Madhya Pradesh in the near future.

Leaders of the United Kisan Morcha have paid tributes to Kirti Kisan Union and the late Kamaraj Datar Singh for their rich contribution to the movement. Kirti Kisan Union and the late Kamaraj Datarsinh passed away on February 21.

Farmers from Haryana marched towards Delhi

On 26 November 2020, farmers from Punjab and Haryana marched towards Delhi. Facing many difficulties at night, they reached the Indus border and were stopped by the police here. The Delhi Chalo Abhiyan does not come within the borders of Delhi and the farmers refused permission to protest at Burari Maidan.

There have been 11 conversations with the government

So far the government and the farmers have discussed the agricultural law at 11 a.m. but no settlement has been reached. The government has proposed postponing the law for two years, which has been unanimously rejected by farmers.

The round of Panchayat and Mahapanchayat started

A series of panchayats and mahapanchayats has started amidst the agitation. In addition to the border, there are panchayats and mahapanchayats in western Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan and Punjab. In addition to Rakesh Tikait, important farmer leaders are under his chairmanship.

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