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Monday, 22 March 2021

One year of public curfew: Increased negligence in the country after vaccination,

One year of public curfew: Increased negligence in the country after vaccination, 368% increase in daily cases in the country after February 11
An hour ago

People became more careless after the vaccine came into the country If the public has continued to be so careless, the situation was the same as it was a year ago

Today is March 22nd. A year ago, a public curfew was imposed in the country on the appeal of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This was a trial of lockdown. The trial was successful and a lockdown began on March 25 amid a growing number of cores in the country. Corona was growing nonetheless. There were one to two, three to three and three to four.


Then the round of unlock began. In the midst of all this the corona grew. Had been fast until last September. When October came, it was said that if the weather began to change now, the numbers would increase, but not. Corona's case began to decline.

The vaccine was also introduced in the country in January. What happened after that ... we became more careless. We thought everything was fine now, but once again Corona went against our idea. Corona cases have been on the rise in the country since February 11 this year, which has been steadily declining since November last year.

On February 11, only 9,353 cases were reported across the country. By March 20, that number had risen more than 368% to 43,815. Mortality, meanwhile, has risen sharply. While Maharashtra, Punjab are moving towards other peaks, there are 6 more states including Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, where new cases of corona have increased. Let us understand where and at what speed we are going and how we can stop it.

Why are Corona cases on the rise even after the advent of vaccines? The vaccine was introduced on January 16 this year. More than 45 million doses of the vaccine have been given so far, but only 7.5 million people have been given both doses of the vaccine. "This vaccine is an immune system, not a cure," says Tej Pratap Tomar, who has been treating corona patients for years. Hearing immunity will not come until 40 to 50 million people are vaccinated. Until then we should all be careful. Only then can the situation be brought under control. If we are careless in this way, the situation will be the same as it was a year ago.

Health Minister Dr Harshvardhan also said that people have stopped wearing masks or wearing masks properly after the introduction of the vaccine. This is a big reason to increase the transition to corona.

A total of 77 %% or 43,8466 new cases were reported in Maharashtra, Punjab, Karnataka, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh on Saturday. Cases are declining in Kerala, but more than 2,000,000 cases were reported here on Saturday. If the Kerala cases are also merged, 83.14% of the total cases were reported in these six states on Saturday.

Undivided - Divya Bhaskar Cor 87% of deaths are in the states alone Among the states with the highest coronary heart disease deaths on Saturday, 87% were in states alone. Of these, 5 out of 8 states have the most active cases. In addition to Chhattisgarh. But it includes the states that have the highest mortality due to corona. There are less active cases here than in other states. Eleven patients died here on Saturday.

Undivided - Divya Bhaskar In the new case, Punjab surpassed Kerala, which became the second state after Maharashtra Maharashtra now has more cases than the first wave of epidemics. These three states account for 76.48% of active cases in the country. One of the reasons behind the increase in infections is the decrease in vaccinations. Only 2.06% and 1.21% of the population of Maharashtra-Punjab have been vaccinated. A single dose of the vaccine has been given to 4444444% of the population of Kerala. Punjab has surpassed Kerala in terms of new cases.

New cases are declining rapidly in Kerala and Maharashtra-Punjab is moving towards other peaks Cases are increasing rapidly in Punjab and Maharashtra. Another peak is coming up in many of the cities here. While there are more cases in Kerala, the relief is that the number of active cases here is declining rapidly. 

On average, only 15% to 20% of patients in the country need to be hospitalized. 80% -85% of patients are recovering at home. However now the number of active patients is increasing. A week ago, there were 2 lakh active cases in the country, now it has increased to more than 2.52 lakh.Undivided - Divya Bhaskar Indo-Brazil death toll rises, U.S.

India's share in the world has doubled since the new Corona case began in the country on February 2, while the US-Brazil partnership has declined. Mortality has declined in the U.S., but has risen by about 89% in Brazil and India. The number of one-day deaths has now risen in the country. At least 89 people died on February 11 this year. Sin

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