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Wednesday, 24 March 2021

Corona virus / 3.43 lakh cases reported in the country in 24 hours, the number of infections is declining but not deaths, find out how many deaths

Mortality in the second wave of epidemics / corona in India is worrisome.

On the same day last year, when PM Modi announced a lockout in the country, a year later, even today, Corona has taken India by storm.

The daily cases of corona in India increased again Another wave of Corona virus has put the country in a state of anxiety Cases increased in Maharashtra, Punjab, Kerala, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat.

Corona virus case update:

If there are more than 100 employees, the Modi government is bringing this rule for companies
A 1 rupee coin in a purse will give you a chance to get luggage, Rs. 5 lakh to 67 crore Give us 5 years, 70 years of waste will be removed: PM Modi promised at Kharagpur rally Mortality is on the rise amid a new wave of corona virus in India.

The figures released on Wednesday put the death toll in India at 275 in a single day. This figure is the highest mortality this year. If we talk about new cases today, there are 47,262 cases in India in a single day.

A year ago today felt the lockdown:

On March 23, 2020, PM Modi announced a lockdown in India from 8 pm. Railways, planes, shops, factories were all shut down in one place and all were trapped in homes. At that time there were 500 cases of corona virus in the country which has now increased to 1,17,34,058. To date, three lakh 68 thousand 457 cases are active while 50 crore people have been vaccinated.

The situation is worse in Bengal:

The number of coronavirus cases in the country is steadily increasing. Tensions are now rising in the states that had elections. The situation has worsened in some cities in West Bengal. In Madhya Pradesh, on the other hand, the government is planning lockdowns in two to three cities on Sunday. In West Bengal, 19 districts have been placed in the red zone. A survey found that between March 15 and 21, the rate of coronavirus infection increased from 2.09 per cent to 3.04 per cent.

Will there be a lockdown in MP?

Even in Madhya Pradesh, where the situation is getting worse due to the corona virus, the home minister said, "I join hands and ask you to follow the guidelines." The government is considering holding lockdowns in two of the three cities on Sunday.

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