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Saturday, 6 March 2021

Today corona virus update

Janaudhi Kendra opened in 7500: The Prime Minister says- People buy cheap medicines from Modi's shop, it also provides employment to the youth.

  • Modi inaugurates 7500th Saudi Center in Shillong

  • "There is no better job than saving people's lives," Modi said

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday (March 7) dedicated the 7500th Herbal Medicine Center to the nation in Shillong on the occasion of Herbal Medicine Day. He addressed the event via video conferencing. He said that people have no problem in buying medicines due to lack of money, which is why the Janaudhi scheme was started. After interacting with the beneficiaries, Prime Minister Modi honored the people for the excellent work done by the people involved in the herbal projects.

India is the world's pharmacy: Modi

Modi said that India has proved itself as the world's pharmacy. We made the vaccine. Made in India vaccine is not only for India, but for the whole world. He said

We are offering the cheapest vaccine in the world. The cost of vaccination in private hospitals is only Rs.

He said the number of MBBS seats has been increased since 2014. My countrymen are my family, if you are sick it means my family is sick. So the government will always try to provide better facilities for your people.

Young people are getting employment opportunities

Modi, meanwhile, said the Jana Saudhi Kendra was helping the poor and the middle class. As well as the youth are getting employment opportunities. Items like sanitary napkins are easily available for mothers and sisters from the Janaudhi Kendra, he said. It is a symbol of women's self-reliance.

We were telling patients that you are making a model decision, not a drug

During this he also spoke to the beneficiaries. Modi said there is no better job than saving people's lives. "My father died due to coronac," said Rajubhai of the Ahmedabad-based herbal medicine team. I then thought it shouldn’t happen to anyone else. In epidemics, herbal friends go from house to house delivering medicine to patients with BP and diabetes. He said the number of patients began to decline as the lockdown progressed. We have delivered medicine to 8 to 10 thousand patients. We have a team of 250 people. We were telling the patients that you are not taking medicine but you are taking medicine from Modiji's shop. People tell us that you are Hanumanji's servant and are bringing Sanjeev for us.

Your words continue to inspire young people
Modi said to Rajubhai, "I congratulate you and all your youth. These words are not only impressive and inspiring to me, they are inspiring to all the youth of the country. You lost your father in Corona's troubles and from that you are determined. Something. You have made half a dozen companions and you are going home and giving herbal medicine. You are saving lives and doing your best, you have proved that if the youth of our country are shown the right way, they will dedicate their lives. “I’ll show a small task. Your colleagues are on duty at the government vaccination center. Once older people are vaccinated, their forms are filled out, their seats are arranged. You will be greatly blessed with this job. "

Diu's Irshad Ahmed also spoke
After this, Irshad Ahmed Rafiqji of Diu spoke to Modi. He said, "My dream was to open a medical store and also to serve the people. This was done by the Jana Saudi Center. My income has tripled in three months. It has benefited about 1500 people in one month." You have done a good job. You have done this out of a sense of service. You have become my partner.

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