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Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Crisis / Corona's wail in Rajkot: CM Rupani will reach Rajkot this afternoon

Gujarat Deputy Leader and Anonymous Editor Nitin Patel on March 2 discussed the 77th budget with finance department officials.

So far 76 budgets have been presented in the assembly, today the 77th budget has been presented.

The last 18 times the state budget has been presented as an anonymous editor March 3, Presentation of 77th Budget in Gujarat today; Diwali Bhaskar's budget is enough to read Litty's funny stories. Establishment of the State The first budget was presented in Gujarat in the financial year 1960-61. The budget of V76 presents a visit to Gujarat in 60 years.

The size of the budget in 60 years is Rs. 114.92 crore to 2.17 lakh The first budget of the state of Gujarat was presented on September 22, 1960. According to data from the government's budget mobile application, the size of the state's first budget is Rs. 114.92 crore (Rs. 1,14,92,86,000) and the size of the budget presented on 26 February 2020 is Rs. 2.17 lakh rains (Rs. 2,17,287 travel). As a percentage, the size of the budget has increased by 1.89 lakh per cent in 60 years.

Name of the highest budget record holder 18 Presenters as Original Budget Presenter and Nominated Editor of Budget. Vajudashi is the Governor of Karnataka. The atmosphere before the original Vajuri and Kathiawadi was done in LNN (language) was humorously strange and he had no experience with the Leader of the Opposition.

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